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About Chittagong


Chittagong is an important zone for South Asia because it has a major seaport which is situated in convenient geographic location. Chittagong is the second largest city of Bangladesh and contains most of the natural wonders of the country. It is situated between hill tracts and the sea bay of Bengal and in the bank of the river Karnaphuli.

Though the metropolitan area is not very big but the whole division consists of a large amount of the rural areas, sea beach, several islands and deep hill tracts. There is a good communication infrastructure to reach various parts within few hours.

The most popular natural wonders of Chittagong are cox’s bazaar, Saint Martin Island, Bandarban, Naval Beach and Rangamati. There are more places that you may not want to miss the chance to visit whenever you get. Those are Bhatiary hill, Meghla, Sitakunda Eco park, dula hajara safari park, foys lake, himchori, inani.

The local culture is highly enriched in aspect of food and sociability. You will get wide variety of dishes all over the restaurants in Chittagong. The local inhabitants are very cordial and show highest hospitality to their guests.

The accommodation facility is very satisfactory in Chittagong. There are many hotels providing quality services in very reasonable price. You can find some best hotels here those maintains international standard.