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Alutila Cave Kagrachori

Alutila Cave Kagrachori

Khagrachari is one of the most beautiful district of Bangladesh. Matiranga Upozilla of this district attracts tourists by it’s natural greener and hilly beauties.

Alutila cave which is located at Alutila hill or Arbari hill is a mysterious beauty of nature at Matiranga, Khagrachari. This cave could be the prime choice of adventure lovers. This cave abduct the heart of tourist for it’s darkness and mystery. This is about 100 meters long having enough space to move 4 person easily at a time. This cave is a perfect vanquish spot for courageous people who loves darkness though the cave is fully safe.

The most mouthwatering part of this cave is the cold water flowing at bottom because of a small waterfall inside the cave. Local people sell handmade bamboo torch or mosal in front of the cave so anyone will fell thrill while passing the dark cold cave holding bamboo torch. It only takes 15 minutes to pass the cave. The entire beauty of Khagrachari hill town will stop your heartbeat for a moment when your eyes will catch it from the watch tower at the top of Alutila hill.


How to go?

Alutila cave is just 8 kilometers from Khagrachari town. So from Dhaka you just have to take a non-stop coach service of Shanti Paribahan,Soudia , Eagle, S.Alam, or ShamoliParibohon From Gabtoli,Saydabad,Kamalapur or Kolabagan.

From Chitagong you can get non-AC bus services of BRTC and Shanti Paribahan are most convenient with the fare as cheap as to travel Khagrachari.

There are many ways to go Alutila cave from Khagrachari town but the best one is to hire a private jeep.Local bus service is also available there.


Where to stay?

Hotel Ziran, Hotel ShoiloShuborna, Hotel Emang, Hotel Lobiat will offer you a relax room in lower budget.

To enjoy a little bit luxaryParjatan Motel could be your destination.

All this Hotels are in Khagrachari town.


Food Facilities

There is no places around Alutila cave to enjoy meal but you can find many in Khagrachari town. System Restaurant is a must try place and Bamboo fry or Bamboo chicken you should not miss.


Thing you should do

  1. View the entire Khagrachari town from the top of Alutila hill.
  2. Enjoy the beauties of green forest surrounded.


You must carry a bamboo torch before entering the cave.


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