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Bandarban ,one of the most beautiful and naturally enriched district of Chittagong Division.Its wrapped in hills and you will be attracted to go to the tallest peaks of Bangladesh.Once you go there you will never forget the greenery of Bandarban.


The area of Bandarban is 4479.01 Sq Km and the place is less populated. Besides Bengalis, there are more than fifteen ethnic minorities living here and the majority are Marma’s. So it’s make your tour more enjoyable to know the different ethnic minorities ritual, culture and having taste their traditional food.

Ethnic people

Bandarban has only one town called “ The Bandarban town” and the entire rest of the area are divided into seven upazillas.If you from outside of the Bandarban at first you have to come this Bandarban town. you will get a lots of Hotel and restaurants to stay here.

There are a lots of natural, greenery, beautiful places in Bandarban.If you like hilly area you can travel Meghla,Nilachol,Chimbuk hill,Nilghiri and if you interested in lake,river the best places are Thanchi,Boga lake,Sangu river, Prantik Lake, Jibannagar and Kyachlong lake.Travelling all of them may be you are missing to visit a traditional place.Yes The Buddha Dhatu Jadi most people say it The Golden temple is also there.Its the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh.

Thanchi Nighiri Golden temple


To go Bandarban the easiest way is a direct bus ride from Dhaka.It will take approximately 6 or 7 hours depending on situation of road condition and trafficking.If anybody likes to go from Chittagong there are a lots of bus services available at Bahaddarhat .It takes 2 hours to reach Bandarban from Chittagong.

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