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Banshkhali Sea Beach

Banshkhali is one of nature’s wonders in the country. This southern Chittagong upazila is blessed with a lot of beautiful things such as undulating hills, sandy sea beach, lush green tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and an eco-park. But all these mesmerizing places of this small heaven on earth still remain unexplored by most of the people. Even many Chittagonians are unaware of this hidden paradise! The most attractive part of this heaven is a 35-km long sea beach. You can wander in the beach as well as jump in the sea water.


Banshkhali Sea Beach comprises of six or seven points including Khankhanabad, Kadamrasul, Kathariya, Baharchara, Ratnapura and Gandamara. There can be seen a plenty of oysters, corals and embellished snail shells. You can spend the whole afternoon playing with the waves and finally return bidding adieu to the sun.Along the length of the beach, there are queues of pine-trees. In the evening the beach is crowded with the tourists. If the safety and the accommodation facilities can be developed in this beach, it can outshine Cox’s bazar sea beach in many ways.


How to go?

Banshkhali is in the middle of Chittagong and Cox’s bazar. From Dhaka one needs to go to Chittagong first. Then Banshkhali can be reached by bus from city’s Bohhoddar hat bus terminal. It is only a two-hour journey by bus from Chittagong.


Where to stay?

It will be easier to stay the night Banshkhali rest house or in the Chittagong city. Orchid Business Hotel, Hotel Gulshan View, Hotel Agrabad, Aristos Boutique Hotels will offer you a comfortable stay in reasonable cost.


Food Facilities

Street food is available in the beach and some cheap hotels will offer you a meal but it will be better to have some meal in the town.


Things you should do

Never forget to try your imagination artistic power to create a sand monument in the beach. The afternoon in this beach will give you a glimpse of heavenly feelings.



Anyone should be careful about safety issue and should have the contact number of tourist police of the area.


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