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Bhatiary Hill

Bhatiary Hill is one of the most beautiful hilly area in Chittagong. The greenly hills and the lake blown in the middle attracts the visitors easily.

Moreover, the positive side is the area is yet secure due to having Military camp in this area. There is no chance to happen any crime in this area because the area is under control and close observation of Bangladesh Military forces. The foreign visitors can feel much relax visiting in this area.

bhatiary lake chittagong

There are some small ground with grasses where you can sit to enjoy the beauty of  the lake. You can walk along the road surrounded by trees to take awesome photographs of the beautiful scenario. It is highly recommended not to stay in the middle of the road since the vehicles moves much faster than as usual.

Bhatiary Sunset Point












The Most wonderful place of the Bhatiary Hill is the Sunset Point. It is named as Sunset Point because the visitors can enjoy the sunset into the sea from this top part of the hill! There is a restaurant beside it where can you taste some quality snacks like Kabab with porota, Chotpoti and so on.


How To Go:

You can go there by Public Transport from GEC circle or Newmarket. There is a bus service with number 4 by Which you can reach Bhatiary. After reaching Bhatiary, you can start walk to the hill side(east side) and can reach to the Sunset point after 15 Minutes.

If you can manage a taxi cab or car it would be better to have a nice experience. Taxi cab or car can charge 1500 Tk to 2000 Tk for 3 to 4 hours or you can rent a cng driven taxi which will charge 300 Tk to 400 Tk for 1 hour for roaming in the whole area.

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