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Naval Beach

Naval Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Chittagong which is favorite for passing leisure time.

It is situated in the bank of Karnofuly River which is just on the way to the Chittagong Airport. Though the beach is not sandy beach like other regular beach but you will find something different experience like sitting on the divider wall beside the road. Visitors come here and park their cars beside the wall and enjoy their quality time with friends and family. The visitors can see a nice view of Moving Ships which are just close to concrete wall.

Naval Beach - Beautiful Chittagong

There are lots of street vendors who are selling various kinds foods and snacks. But the most tasty items are PIAZO, CRAB (Kakra in local language).If you take the taste of these items one time, will never forget.

The best time to go naval academy beach road is at evening. The beach atmosphere at that time becomes very cool & gentle breeze blowing here and there. If you go there at any full moon night, it will be amazing scenic beauty you will enjoy. The ray of moon makes the river water silvery. You may think that its river of silver water.

How to come:

Naval Academy beach is about 22km. from Chittagong. One can go easily there by taxi or local bus. If u go there from GEC more or new market by private taxi, it will take around tk.200(+-) or if go by bus it will 15 to 20 tk. If u visit their with a taxi, keep in mind that you have to manage taxi for return trip.

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