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Risang Waterfall

Risang Waterfall, three kilometers west of Alutila tourism center (one kilometer from Khagrachari-Chittagong road). If you walk to north from the main road, you will hear the Waterfall shout. Here are two Waterfalls alongside. The roads were made to walk through a stairway to get a shower for the convenience of tourists. So easily go to this Waterfall.

Another Waterfall more than 200 yards from the first. The distance of the district from the district to the sprawling distance is about 11 km: approx. With your own transportation, you can easily go to the footsteps of the Waterfall. Walking on the little foot will further increase the attraction of the journey. Anyone’s eyes will be stuck in mountainous and lifelong walks on foot while walking down the hill.


If you look at the Valley of Thousand Feet under, someone will be shocked at the wonderful charm. The natural fall from this spring is about 30 meters high. The whole atmosphere is rocky. Waterfall water falls below 100 feet above the mountain. After falling down, it falls on a further 100 feet of stones, on the plain. It’s an uncompromising form that will overtake your imagination.

No one can tell when this Waterfall trend is running, but in 2003 it was seen by tourists. Since then people are coming here You can swim in the water of the River Risang, take a natural shower in the water that falls in the Waterfall, even for those who have a drab nature, there are water-rides. All are free. There is a way to go to the head of the water falling from the shower, because the place is flat and there is good repair in the bath part. From there you can see another high way to return. If you walk on that path you will see that once you came to know that you came to the streets.


How to go?

Take a bus from Khagrachari or local jeep called chaadergari in the morning. 10 kilometers to Dhaka, and crossing the Alutila cave, the risang springs. The road is about 2 kilometers from the main road. Whole walk walks.


Where to stay?

Hotel Ziran, Hotel ShoiloShuborna, Hotel Emang, Hotel Lobiat will offer you a relax room in lower budget.

To enjoy a little bit luxury Parjatan Motel Club be your destination.

All this Hotels are in Khagrachari town


Food Facilities

There is no places around Alutila cave to enjoy meal but you can find many in Khagrachari town. System Restaurant is a must try place and Bamboo fry or Bamboo chicken you should not miss.


Thing you should do

  1. View the entire Khagrachari town from the top of the hill.
  2. Enjoy a shower in RisangWaterfall.



You must give a try to view Kalai Waterfall 200 yard ahead of Risang.

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