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Saint Martin Island

Although there are many beautiful places in Chittagong but you might be interested to know which one is the best among them. Then I have no doubt to answer it as Saint Martin Island!

The size of Saint Martin is about 8km square. This Island is situated 41 km away from the Teknaf. Teknaf is the southernmost district of Bangladesh. Saint Martin is also known as the island of Narikel Jinjera locally due to having many coconut trees. The other natural beauty is a lot of corals and turtles stay around the whole Island.

Morning in the Saint Martin Island Coconut Trees at Saint Martin Island







This is a wonderful island where you can stay very closely to nature and stay away from modern civilization for few days. The sea water is so clear that the perfect blue of sky is reflected nicely.

When it becomes night, the moonlight with reflection on sea water must make you amazed. If the moon disappears you do not need to be worried because the wonderful sky with stars will make you feel absolutely special. Another awesome moment you will get is the roar of sea during sleep. What more special things you can expect only from a place!

Saint Martin Island Before Sunsetevening at Saint Marting Island







The local inhabitants are so cordial and you will never feel lack of any security. You can roam the whole island without any hesitation. Do not forget to taste the fresh fish local recipe. If you want to enjoy local cultural moment with barbecue you can do it with very affordable cost.

If you have any chance to go there please do not miss it anyway. You may regret for once not going there but after going there you will have some sweet memories which will make you nostalgic more than one in your life.

Saint Marting Island

How to go:

From Cox’s Bazar there are some packages which include all journey costs (bus and ship), accommodation cost and food cost. If you like one of the packages you can take it easily.

Otherwise, you can go to Teknaf ship stoppage renting any car from Cox’s Bazar. It will take 90 to 120 minutes to reach Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. You should reach before 9 am because this is the only ship departure time for each day.

Then in the stoppage you will get ticket available for ship journey to Saint Martin. After reaching Saint Martin, you can get into any hotel there. There are some good hotels providing all standard service. You can book hotel from Cox’s Bazar if you want.

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