The Golden Temple

After exploring NIlachol,Nilghiri,Meghla if you want to find something a bit different The Buddha Dhatu Jadi know as The Golden Temple is idle place for you.Buddist community over the country respect it as their holy religious place.It is also largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh.The statue of Buddha is second largest in country.Visitors and pilgrims from home and abroad come here all the year round.There also many religious festival arranged here every year.

golden temple
The golden temple is located pulpara near to Bhalaghata town.It is 10 kilometers away from Bandarban city.The beauty of Golden temple turns majestic as it was built on 200ft or 60 meters top of a high hill.The sorrunding environment is quite and calm with lush greenery scenic valley.The elegant structure decorated with exquisite sculptural images makes it more impressive.You can also visit a museum which is based on historical background of Buddhist religion.

golden temple stair golden temple gateGolden Temple dragon
Opposite of the golden temple there is a little pond Called “Debeto pukur” on the hill.I will recommend you standing on this hill just look to the golden temple.Its amazing beautiful!
As it was not far away from Bandarban city you can visit Golden temple by rickshaw or auto rikshaw.Shorts and shoes are not allowed inside temple.You can keep your shoes outside of the temple charging five taka.You have to buy a ticket as a entrance fee with tk.10.It is open from morning to 6pm. Everyday.

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